Day 1: Vices

For day 1 I chose to do Vices. I swear a lot in general sentences and this has therefore cause profanity to become a bad habit of mine. When I came up with the idea to not swear I wanted to find alternatives such as writing swear words on my hands and lifting a hand instead of swearing. I then decided against this as it would be more challenging for me to try and stop altogether without any replacements.

On World of Psychology, John Grohol talks about the different reasons why people swear and in what environments they swear in. He says that using swear words can be cathartic, and that swear words can also be used in a positive manner, such as using a word to express how great something is.

I use profanity for both cathartic and positive reasons. I often swear at other drivers while I drive, to free the feeling of frustration or anger I have when they do something stupid or unusual on the road. On the other hand, I use profanity in general sentences to express things in a more intense way.

The actual challenge was difficult and frustrating. Since swearing has become a habit, it was very difficult to stop and I made a few mistakes throughout the day.  I decided to get a friend to take video of me rapping the song: “Rap God” by Eminem.

In this video you can see that, when I don’t swear in places in the song, it throws me off for a few words, as I am used to saying the swear words in those places. At one point, I even leave out the word: “gay” because I was trying to be careful with what I was saying and this part of the song caused confusion, as some people call others “gay” as an insult, even though it isn’t profanity.

This video represents how my entire day went with regards to the struggle to not swear. I had to focus more on what I was saying and, sometimes, reconstruct sentences to avoid the words which I would usually use.

Over all it was really difficult, especially when I wasn’t thinking about not swearing. But I managed relatively well and am happy that it is over and I can return to not worrying about what I say and how I, comfortably, speak.


Process for Flash Mob

Sooo.. this is the first post on this blog! The process which I did for the flash mob started out with the location. We started trying to decide on a location and came up with a list. The three main areas which, I thought, would be the best were: The beach, La Lucia Shopping Mall and Gateway Theatre of Shopping. The area which we chose as a group was Gateway.

The next step of the process was to decide what message to portray through our flash mob. We came up with a few things:

  1. Acting like robots – to show how people in society act like robots and follow routine.
  2. Walking around and looking at our phones, bumping into people to show how cellphones disconnect us from our surroundings.
  3. The cellphone idea then evolved to everyone dropping down into a ball on the floor and staring  at our phones.
  4. It then evolved to everyone lying on the floor at the same time and looking at our cellphones.image1
We all met and practiced outside the cafeteria and then went to Gateway and the plan was put into play.