Day 7: Physical Discomfort

Yesterday was day 7 and my final challenge. I chose to do physical discomfort. I am someone who likes to be seen as fashionable. I want people to thing that I have a good fashion sense and always dress well. For this challenge I chose to go against that and wear my clothing backwards. This would make me feel uncomfortable due to my previous statement, as well as the actual physical feelings which are caused from wearing clothes the wrong way around.

On Oxford University Press, Rebecca Arnold speaks about why people follow fashion trends. One of these reasons was that people want to be a part of something which is recognisable, to have an identity. This is a similar reason to why I like fashion so much. I want to be seen in a way that depicts the person that I am and the way that I dress should give an indication to who I am and what types of people I situate myself with.

When I first put on my clothes for the day, I felt extremely uncomfortable. My underpants felt tight, as they have been made to be worn in a specific way, and the tag on my shirt wast tickling my neck. My belt was really hard to put on because I could not see exactly what I was doing when fastening it at the back.

When separate family members saw me they automatically told me that my shirt was on backwards. They hadn’t realised that everything was on backwards, until I turned around and they saw my belt. At this point they either laughed or asked me what I was doing.

Going to the bathroom was really unusual and time-consuming because I am not used to undoing my belt from behind or putting it on. I didn’t enjoy that at all, especially when I was desperate and needed to undo my belt quickly. I also didn’t like sitting down on the couch because I could feel my belt buckle digging into my back.

I almost dropped my phone quite a few times because putting things into my pockets was different. I had to angle my hand backwards instead of comfortably forwards to put things in my pockets. By late afternoon I had gotten used to it though and I wasn’t almost dropping things.

Overall the day was frustrating and put me in a bad mood because I was always uncomfortable doing things that I would usually do comfortably. I am glad that it is over and I can wear my clothes normally again.


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