Day 4: Routines and Rituals

Yesterday was day 4 of my challenges. For this challenge I chose to do routines and rituals. I am someone who likes to stay organised when it comes to my work, and so I decided to take nothing to university, which I was able to work on or in (books or laptop).

In Writing and Remembering, D. Wax explains that, by writing something down, we are able to “trick” the brain into actually thinking that it is doing that thing, through visualization. Writing things down strengthens the process by which important information is stored in our memories.

The day which I did this was not difficult. I didn’t have much to worry about and didn’t have to stress about writing everything down. What was difficult, was trying to concentrate in lectures; since there was nothing that I was trying to record. This didn’t frustrate me at all at the time but when I thought about the information which was being delivered to us, I became stressed about whether I would be able to get the information at a later stage.

The consequences to my lack of action have proceeded into today and will proceed into following days until I receive all the recorded information which was delivered to the students. This is due to not having the information and, now, having to get it in my own time, from other students who actually did write it down.

The overall feeling during the challenge was not a problem because I did not think about what I wasn’t doing. The frustration has, as I mentioned before, come post-challenge. I have discovered that I do rely on writing things down, more than I expected.



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