Day 2: Race

So yesterday was day 2 of my 7 challenges. For this challenge I chose to do Race. What motivated me to assess the topic of race was everything that is happening in various government universities around the country, as well as a comment which I saw on Facebook. The comment said something along the lines of: “Black people can’t be racist because they are only making up for what happened during apartheid. Only whites are racist.” This made me want to reply to this in a sarcastic manner, and so came my idea to put duct tape over my mouth, write “RACISM” on it and stop talking altogether for the entire day.

On News24 we see headlines such as: “Free State cops went after black students, left whites alone“, “#colourblind campaign takes off after racial tensions at Tuks” and many more. I am not a racist, and to hear and see these things offends me, as people often generalise about others. I don’t want to be seen as a racist, nor do I want to be categorized with those types of people.

The actual challenge was interesting, to say the least. My main concern was what would happen when I had to stop on my drive where there were a lot of taxis and black people around, since people often jump to conclusions about things before asking what it is about.  Luckily I got all green lights through that area.

Next came university. People were staring a lot and were probably wondering what it was about. A lot of people did ask but, of course, I couldn’t speak and so they started guessing, only to be guided by my hand gestures. Often people asked me questions even though they knew that I was not allowed to speak and there was no way of answering them unless I were able to speak. So once again those questions had to be ignored.

Something, which I found interesting, was the debate which were caused between others due to my statement. It started a debate, between two lecturers and a few students, and although I was the cause of the debate, I took no part in it for the obvious reasons. No talking not only effected my communication with others but also caused difficulty for me to interact in lectures. It felt as if I was lost, almost not to be seen by others, as I didn’t make a sound and their conversations formed around me.

My Copywriting Craft session was really quiet when I wasn’t the one talking, so it is obvious who causes the conversation most of the time in that tutorial.

Overall, the experience was fun, but I love to talk and so I would prefer to not do it again.


I took pictures throughout the day. Move your mouse over them to see a description and click on them to view them properly and read the longer descriptions.


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